Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Like buses, you wait for ages for one....

I thought I might have been dead there for a while...... but it seems I was just hiberanting. So after a nice rest heres some new stuff ill be showing at the RHA next month. Ive been thinking for a while about trying to use standard sections of metal for a range of products that I could manufacture myself in small batches and these are the first fruits of that idea.
Vic and Bob are salt and pepper grinders in mild steel tube with turned wood handles. I-beam candle sticks are.... well .... bits of I-beam with candles on. Prices to be confirmed.

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  1. nice work. Like the actual translation of the profile into a product, rather than the re-appropriation of the form into another material/object i.e wooden table.

    Good luck with the show.



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