Sunday, September 5, 2010

'Glacier' range for Gillmorespace

A sneak preview of Glacier, my new range for Gillmorespace which will be launched at Decorex in London this month. Gillmorespace is my longest standing client, I've been working with Charles Gillmore for 10 years now, ever since he started the buisness in fact. Over the 10 years I've designed 4 or 5 ranges, some sucessful others not so, but I've always had a really good working relationship with Charles and gained a wealth of experience throughout the process.

The idea for Glacier was to try to almost do as little as possible with the available surfaces but still create a very identifiable character and aesthetic. The range began as a series of paper models, playing with cuts and folds to create a series of simple modulated surfaces creating varying tones of light and shadow as the surfaces move forward and back.

By creating a handle detail where these modulating surfaces meet, this then became both the functional and decorative signature for the range.

There will be a basic range of about 8 pieces initially for living and bedroom, in coloured lacquer finishes and a range of base options available.
Photos of the actual products to follow soon.............

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